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Substitute Teacher in Charles County, Active Member of Parent Advisory Committee, Participating Member of Parent-Teacher Organization, Certified Hospitality Educator, Lead Adjunct Instructor at Prince George Community College and Member of the Hospitality & Tourism Advisory Board. 


Co-Founder/Managing Director of Phenomenal Young Women Inc located in Charles County and Chief Executive Officer of Simply Consulting, LLC that offers career and workforce development training and certifications to members of the community and consulting services to corporate business owners. 

Community Activist

Active Member of Women of Action Charles County and Chair of the Business/Workforce Development Committee, Vice President of Kingsview Board of Directors and Member of Chic-fil-a Customer Service Advisory Board.



School Chaos: How to Protect and Advocate for Today’s Youth

June 12, 2018

What is the role of the Board of Education?

The Board sets policy.

It's central role is shaping the vision, mission, and priorities of the school system in the areas that matter such as:

Curriculum and programming


Construction and maintenance of the schools

School Calendar

Staff Development and in-service training

Student transportation

Labor agreements

The Board gives direction to leadership and hold them accountable for results.

This includes creating the culture of the school system, and capacity of educators to make needed improvements. The board appoints and evaluates the superintendent.

The Board establishes a productive working relationship with the superintendent and key staff.

School board makes everyone - parents, teachers, administrators, students, and the community at large - feel supported in the work of improving education and achieving great outcomes.

The Board works as a team.

Led by officers such as president, treasurer, and secretary. Members often form working committees to take on big tasks such as developing a budget or surveying the condition of school facilities.

The Board has meetings and more meetings.

Board give meetings a good name, as they are focused but inclusive. Well designed and well-run meetings can show cynics that concerned stakeholders can have their views considered without derailing the work that needs to be done or watering down great initiative.

The Board Members


Are advocates for ensuring quality across the entire school system.

Lead with their ears and their hearts.

They are lifelong learners. 

They are accountable.

They are aspiring to be a catalyst for change.

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Why Am I Your Voice and Your Choice for Change?

I am a 16-year resident of Charles County with a child in the Charles County Public School System. Additionally, I am currently substitute teaching within the county and a successful Certified Hospitality Educator and Trainer serving more than 20+ years in the Hospitality Industry.  I am running for the Charles County Board of Education to be the voice for the students, parents, teachers, and staff of our community.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to experience the Charles County Schools over the past six years in a variety of ways. Substitute teaching has allowed me to experience day to day operations for all grade levels at different schools and within different positions.

I believe in allowing the parents, students, teachers, and staff to use their voice as a tool to create positive change within our community to foster growth, build relationships, increase morale and productivity, and quality education. I believe improvements in these areas will drive local, state, and national rankings and scores.

I believe by working together with our community we can continue to build  a great school system recognized on all levels.

I would be honored to represent you and your interests as a Governing Member of the Charles County Board of Education.

Thank you in advance for your vote on June 26, 2018.

Elect Tajala "Taj" Battle-Lockhart for Charles County Board of Education

My Platform - What is important to me?

Serve and Advocate For The Needs of the Community

Being visible in the schools and the community building relationships with quality community and business partners. Utilizing technology to increase parental involvement. 

In addition, creating transparency that will foster positive dialogue that will result in building the trust of the community.

Streamline Current School Systems

Creating a structure within the schools system's and processes which will create uniformity.  With the intent to eliminate inconsistencies and errors in order to drive positive results from our staff and student performance throughout our entire school system.

Enhance and Implement Programs

School Safety and Crisis Management to promote a welcoming environment for students and teachers to be assured that their safety is a priority daily. 

Quality After School Programs that support in driving students performance.


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